Hi!  Welcome to my blog.

My name is Mona, and I’m a diabetic diagnosed in 2005 after a hysterectomy.  I started researching natural remedies for menopause, which I was partially thrown into since my body had to adjust to having one ovary.  I found different remedies and started using them for about six months until my body adjusted, and the menopausal symptoms went away.  To this date, my hormone levels are normal and I haven’t used any since.

But since I was thrown into diabetes, I started researching natural remedies for controlling sugars.  At that time, my sugars were 180.  So I found remedies that helped me keep my sugars under control.  From there, I started researching other medicinal remedies from the alternative medicine and homeopathic fields for other things, and just wanted to share information.  My mother has been using alternative and homeopathic remedies for years, so I shared things with her that I found for blood pressure, arthritis, psoriasis, etc.

My blog is to share information and recommend remedies.  These are quality products formulated by doctors and not the run-of-the-mill products sold by upstarting companies to make a profit.  Some of those companies have been selling nothing but counterfeit products and are selling you that.  So be careful when choosing a product to help heal what ails you.  Even on Amazon it has been found that third-party vendors were selling junk and raking in the dough, and even getting the original manufacturers of the product banned from Amazon by claiming the manufacturer’s product was junk.  Scandalous!  There will always be a money-back guarantee and you will always have a way to contact the company, because they are solid and reputable!

I hope my blog helps you with your ailments as I develop it – products will be included for women, men, children, general health, and pets.

My blog is by no means an alternative to checking with your physician.  Always check with your physician before stopping your regular medications or adding alternative medicines to your regimen.  I use a D.O. who fully understands my use of alternative medicines in lieu of Western medicine, and he’s perfectly okay with that.  He checks my levels and see that they work, and he’s fine with it as long as it’s doing the job.  And no side effects!

Keep coming back for happy healing!