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Do You Have Diabetes? LISTEN UP!!

I never in a million years thought this would work on diabetes!!

I have had diabetes since 2005 taking Metformin and Glipizide twice a day.  My diabetes has mainly been under control (unless I get out of control with my food).  All these years I have been under the impression that I couldn’t have corn, peas, bananas, watermelon, rice, pasta, bread – all because of the sugar.  So when I say my diabetes gets out of control, it’s because I eat these things and not a little of it.

Meet Dr. McDougall (  This doctor has been treated diabetics for over 30 years.  I recently learned of him when my daughter was diagnosed with some kind of connective tissue disease and she didn’t want to take the medication (which was for lupus, etc.).  She found Dr. McDougall’s website and began using his regimen.  In the first week, the pain in her legs went away (she could barely walk from the edema in her feet and legs) and her arms and hands are subsiding in pain as well.  She is not diabetic.  She has continued on the diet and is improving in how she feels and her weight loss.

His regimen is to eat the very things I had tried to avoid to keep my diabetes under control – corn, peas, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread – all without meat.  He states that the fat in animal meat inhibits the insulin receptors from doing their job.  So I tried it.  And I also wondered why NutriSystems worked for me.

The first day I ate a Marie Calendar’s Fettuccini Alfredo with broccoli and chicken (yes, there’s meat in this).  My sugars after eating it was 82 (I was at about 118 before meal).

Then I ate a salad with the regular veggies but with corn.  Same thing – sugars 100.  I experimented by eating some navy beans with a toasted bagel (from Noah’s).  My sugars in the morning were 123.  I experimented again by eating some vegetarian chili (NutriSystems) with another toasted bagel, then another bagel (I have a habit of eating when I’m bored).  I expected my sugars to be a lot higher in the morning.  Instead, my sugars were 118.

So last night I didn’t want to cook, so I made popcorn for dinner.  I ate the whole bowl (with butter and sea salt).  My sugars were 135.  Usually they are just under 200 in the morning if not over.  After a meal with meat, salad and a veggie, my sugars were in the 200s two hours after eating.

I say try it!  I have been doing this for only a week and my sugars have been normal or closer to normal than ever.  Right now starting this way of eating I know my A1c is 7.0 down from 12.5 (from being sick for three weeks).  My dietician told me to add rice, pasta, beans, and potatoes to my diet because my body needs the carbs.  I didn’t believe her, but I did it anyway, and my sugars were closer to normal after eating.  So I put together what she said and the NutriSystems working for me (they have a lot of rice-based and pasta-based meals, with the pasta being durham semolina, which is wheat), and I could see how this may work for me.

People who have used his program, which is basically a plant-based diet, have combated cancer, heart problems and high blood pressure, diabetes, other autoimmune disorders like what my daughter has, rheumatoid arthritis, and weight loss.  So the people who have been touting “heal yourself with food” seem to be right.  So I say with diabetes or any other disorder/disease, try getting your nutrients from plant-based food instead of dead meat.  I’m still going to eat fish, but for now I’m still experimenting.   There are little bits of meat in Nutrisystems foods, and so far it has not affected my sugar levels, although they may have been lower without the meat – but I’m happy with the results I’m getting.

Here is a video that can give you more information.  There are also more videos on YouTube.  Hope this helps even one person who reads this!!

Healing Diabetes in a Three-Step Program

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In the years that I’ve had diabetes, I’ve run across all types of ways to try to defeat it:

* Lose weight
* Leave all the “white” foods alone
* Exercise every day to keep your blood sugar down
* Don’t eat sugary foods like soda, candy, cookies, cakes, etc.
* Only eat fruits, meats and vegetables, like the Atkins diet

The last one has worked if I could stick to it, but it’s hard not to have a bagel with breakfast. Now I’m reading that even wheat should be out of the diet because it has properties in it that sends the sugars soaring worse than white sugar. Nothing I’ve every come across has told me what causes diabetes, so I’m only treating symptoms. Until now.

Lately I’ve been reading about how inflammation is the REAL cause of diabetes. Years ago I read information by natural medicine doctors that inflammation was the real cause of heart attacks – not high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides. Who to believe? We all know that mainstream doctors prescribe according to what they have learned in medical school, and a very minute number of doctors stray to learn more about the causes of diseases as well as how to treat them.

Well, I’m glad these doctors and researchers have evolved to a stage where they are sharing this information with the public. Years ago and still today the FDA has been trying to ban knowledge from natural doctors and others who have tried to inform the public of natural cures. Remember Kevin Trudeau? In one of his first books he introduced the HCG diet. Because of HCG and all the other information in his book being put out there, he was banned from selling his books for profit. He found a way around this by selling his books and giving the proceeds to charity. There have been cures for cancer found years ago that have been swept under the rug. Why? Because if it becomes known to the public, the FDA loses money! Currently the FDA is trying to sweep herbal supplements under its umbrella so it can control that market also. Herbs like bitter melon, red yeast rice, policosanol, gymnema sylvestre, fenugreek, etc. are all supplements that treat diseases the FDA wants to control.

Diabetes is a disease that can cause many things to go wrong with your body: eyesight loss, neuropathy, loss of limbs, hair loss, overly dry skin, kidney failure, and even death. But you don’t have to die. You can keep on looking for what works for you and what doesn’t to keep your sugars under control or to eliminate diabetes by eliminating the inflammation in your body. I just read about the Times Magazine having the subject of inflammation on its front cover – I’m going to find that to learn more about it.

In the meantime, I’m going to try this three-step program to see if it works for me. My diabetes has pretty much been at a steady level with medication, but I personally would like to see it go bye-bye so I don’t have to keep pricking my fingers.

Weight Loss with Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Max is the latest weight loss discovery to take health programs and online health news sites by storm.


Until now, you would have to eat thousands of raspberries to get enough of the ketone enzyme to help fight fat, but now scientists have isolated that element and extracted it into a supplement that lets you get 300 mg of raspberry ketone in every serving of Raspberry Ketone Max.


Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries.  This compound regulates adiponectin.  What is adiponectin?  It is a hormone that has direct control over the way a body metabolizes insulin, and so is believed to play a key role in the management of type 2 diabetes, although research is ongoing.  The hormone is abnormally low in obese people, suggesting a healthy diet may contribute to adiponectin production, and that may, in turn, help prevent people from developing diabetes.  Adiponectin also reduces inflammation in cell tissue inside blood vessels and so holds some clinical promise in treating cardiovascular disease.


Dr. Oz did a segment on Raspberry Ketone and did his own research.  He found that there are no side effects, it burns fat easier, and the hormone “tricks” your body into thinking that it is thin.  There is a clip of his video on his website.  He praised Raspberry Ketone for its ability to effectively target fat cells and increase hormones in your body that allow you to get thinner more effectively, and he was impressed with the quick results users were experiencing, with many seeing a difference in as few as one week!


Try Raspberry Ketone.  I’m diabetic, so I’m excited about trying it myself.  Some people like me find that diets don’t work, and sometimes you find something like this that may be missing in your body that will kick start that weight loss.  I’m tired of the pills and sticking my fingers.  It has been said that you have a 10-year window to reverse diabetes, but there is research that people are reversing it every day just by losing weight and exercising.  So if you’ve found that other diet systems and supplements haven’t worked for you, maybe this will.


Click here to order!  And let me know if it works for you.

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    How Do You Treat a Diabetic Spot?

    The importance of nutrition for diabetics requires that we find all sorts of ways to help you create a useful diabetes food pyramid. To meet that goal will keep working to bring missing pyramids to you. As an option, pick one and adopt it as your own. Eating in the ways of our traditions cannot be a bad thing.

    Remember how much smaller plate sizes were, so watch your portions.  Also, remember how physically active our great grandparents were, so daily exercise is a must.
    However, unlike the general population, diabetics are not always able to process glucose at the cellular level. That is why it is important for diabetics to understand the chemical reactions that take place in their bodies as they eat food. Understanding the biology of diabetes is the first step in taking control of your diabetes treatment so that you can live a healthy diabetic’s life.

    Many diabetics feel overwhelmed when they are first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, or gestational diabetes. Properly managed diabetes will require you to make some basic lifestyle changes, especially in the way that you approach food. You will definitely need to limit your sugar/carbohydrates intake.


    A number of improper lifestyles such as less healthy food intakes, minimum or no physical activity, too much smoking, and consumption of alcohol in abnormal quantity are said to be prime factors for type 2 diabetes.  As per medical conditions, some factors are responsible for aggravating diabetes. They are obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar, insulin resistance and other metabolic syndromes. As per the genetic conditions, some factors like relatives with type 2 diabetes, age more than 45 years, moronic dystrophy – a medical condition of wasting of muscles, Frederic’s ataxia – it damages nervous system causing speech problems and heart disease, Wolfram syndrome – affecting brain stem and central nervous system.

    Doctors have stated over and over in the past that when you exercise or engage in some weight loss activity, your body acts in such a way that its response and sensitivity to insulin is augmented. Through this process, the body eventually adapts to begin controlling unnecessary increases in blood sugar within the system. These are some of the basic methods of treating diabetes, though there are others, which can be resorted to when these fail. Often some oral medication is administered in the event that these methods do not bear fruit.

    How do you treat a diabetic spot?

    Diabetic sores are serious and need proper treatment. They can lead to ulcers (open, deep sores) and even amputation. If you have a sore or an ulcer, you can take steps to facilitate healing and prevent infection, but also see a doctor soon after you notice the sore.


    Things You’ll Need

    • Soap and water
    • Saline solution
    • Antibiotic cream
    • Sterile gauze
    • Pressure-relieving boots, pillows or cushions
    • Prescribed medications and supplements

        Wash the sore with soap and water. If it is a deeper sore, you might need a saline solution or other special wash. Your doctor will tell you the most appropriate way to clean it.


        Cover the sore with an antibiotic cream and sterile gauze. Your doctor might also give you other types of topical medications; use as directed. Change the dressing every day or whenever it becomes wet or dirty.


        Reduce pressure on the sore. Special boots are available for foot wounds. If the sore is on your leg, use specially designed pillows, cushions or other support surfaces to keep pressure off the leg. Your doctor can advise you where to get these items.


        Make an appointment with your doctor. He or she will check for proper circulation to the wound or if the sore requires special cleaning to remove bacteria or damaged skin.


        Take any medications or supplements as directed. You might need antibiotics if your sore is infected. Your doctor might also prescribe certain supplements like zinc or vitamin C; they promote healthy tissue growth and wound healing.

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